RAST Action Programme for ICAAP

If your firm is a BIPRU or an IFPRU firm, you will have to calculate your capital adequacy in accordance with the Pillar 2 requirements?in addition to the standard Pillar 1 requirements. This takes the form of an Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP).

An ICAAP has four key steps as follows:

  • A?Risk Survey?to identify the risks your business faces.
  • A?Risk Assessment?to establish the likelihood of those risks materialising and their potential impact on your firm.
  • Stress Testing?to model how well your business as a whole would survive this impact.
  • A?Capital Calculation?to work out the amount of additional risk capital your firm needs to hold.

The FCA requires the whole process to be fully documented in an ICAAP report which your firm must review annually or upon material change.

We have devised a?Risk Assessment and Stress Testing (RAST) Action Programme?to take you and your management team through these crucial steps to the creation of a comprehensive ICAAP report from £6,000 plus VAT. Our aim is to show you how to develop a robust process that senior management in your firm can use in the future and which will enable you to comply with these requirements.

RAST Action Programme for ICAAP