Applying to the FCA for a Part 4A permission

At first sight, the Financial?Conduct Authority application packs appear a little daunting. Many, particularly those who provide overpriced advice in connection with such applications, would have you believe that compiling them represents an almost insurmountable task. Our own experience suggests otherwise! By adopting a pragmatic and methodical approach, FCA applications can be prepared relatively quickly and need not be prohibitively expensive.

Our unique service to support firms applying to the FCA for authorisation to carry on regulated activities includes the provision and tailoring of all relevant compliance documentation, advice on scope of permission and prudential category, completion of application forms, preparation of financial forecasts and associated capital adequacy calculations, submission to the FCA and post submission liaison with the FCA. We take you all the way from the start to obtaining your permission at a fixed price, starting from £9,000 plus VAT for non-complex applications. We do all the work; you don’t need a lawyer or an accountant.

Our Authorisations Team has experience in obtaining authorisation for the following traditional types of firms:

  • Banks, including Small Specialist Banks
  • Brokers
  • Corporate Financiers
  • Investment management firms, private equity firms and venture capitalists
  • Insurers
  • Mortgage lenders
  • Insurance and mortgage intermediaries
  • Multilateral trading facilities (MTFs)

More recently, in response to new and emerging business models, we are supporting a growing number of firms operating in the FinTech space, including:

  • Payment Services firms
  • Electronic Money Institutions
  • Peer to Peer Lenders (Loan-based Crowdfunders) and other firms requiring a Consumer Credit Licence
  • Equity-based Crowdfunders
  • Organised trading facilities (OTFs)

We have an excellent relationship with the FCA having liaised with their authorisations team on a range of applications over many years.

Should your firm be considering applying to the FCA for a Part 4a permission, our team of compliance experts are here to help. Contact us now to discuss your needs.

Applying to the FCA for a Part 4A permission