Compliance Watch!? for ongoing support

A flexible compliance service that can either complement your in-house Compliance Department or, if your requirements are not particularly complex, can satisfy substantially all your compliance needs. It is a flexible service that enables you to adapt it to suit your own specific requirements. The essential components of Compliance Watch!??are:

  • Telephone and email support?for queries such as the interpretation of rules, where rules can be found, general guidance, discussions with FCA etc.
  • Some element of?dedicated or on-site assistance?in which we help and advise, both proactively or reactively, on a wide range of compliance related issues and circumstances. You can have as much or as little dedicated or on-site assistance as you require. Standard offerings range from one day per quarter to two days per month but you may have any combination such as two half days, a single day or three or more days per month.
  • Periodic?publications?and?technical updates.

With costs from as little as £780.00 plus VAT per month, to include telephone support, one day dedicated or on-site assistance per quarter and periodic publications and technical updates, Compliance Watch!??is available at a substantial discount to our normal fee structure. In the event you require more than one day dedicated or on-site assistance per quarter, our fee is adjusted accordingly.

Compliance Watch!? for ongoing support