Compliance Assist!

Compliance Assist! provides all the benefits of Compliance Watch!? but is tailored to the needs of a firm with its own Compliance function. The value of Compliance Assist! is to offer an external review with a degree of objectivity that is difficult to achieve when systems are developed internally. It covers the following based on an annual fee of £4,479 plus VAT:

  1. E-mail?and?telephone support?for compliance queries which arise from your day to day operations.
  2. Periodic?regulatory briefings?and?regulatory alerts.
  3. A revised?Risk Based Compliance Monitoring Programme and Compliance Manual, updated in line with changes in the regulations, and other template updates as necessary.
  4. An annual on-site compliance health-check, which will incorporate training required by regulations for all staff on?Anti Money Laundering?and?Market Abuse.
Compliance Assist!